Decorators Tools and Sundries Information

Solvite Decorators Paste 20 roll pack plus 50% free (30 roll)

top quality decorators paste

only 5.99 per box

compare this to the diy stores why pay more !

20 roll paste plus 50% free

quality assured decorators paste a firm favourite

only 3.99 per box

Decorators 9" x 1 3/4" cage roller frame

available as a screw or push fit

wooden and plastic handle

only 2.99

Prodec Decorators 9" by 1 3/4" dia roller pack

consists of 6 sleeves (5 medium pile and 1 long pile

for semi-rough and rough surfaces

only 8.99 per pack thats a 50% off compared to individual purchase

Heavy Duty multi wall stripper

available as a 4" or 6" long handle

from 5.99 spare blades also available

Wall Veneer

for walls and ceilings

helps to reduce condensation

4.99 per roll

Lining Paper

1000 grade,1200 grade,1400 grade,1700 grade and now 2000 grade

suitable as a paintable surface or as a purfect base

for wallpaper.

Ask about our carton rate price and save even more

Professional 9" Cage roller

Tray and medium sleeve

push on handle

complete set only 4.99

Professional gloss pile roller sleeves

4" pack of 10

provides a perfect finish ideal for gloss,eggshell etc

Only 8.99

Professional emulsion roller sleeves

4" pack of 10 ideal for semi rough surfaces

perfect for small tasks

Only 5.49 new lower price

Stain block spray aerosol

Quickly and easily covers

water, nicotine and most other stains

dry within about 15 mins only 8.59 can

Decorators paint shield

Designed to protect glass,wallpaper and tiles when painting

Easy grip handle, simple and easy to use

3.99 each

Fed up with mouldy bathroom sealant ?

This is the one to use, guaranteed to stop black mould for upto 10 years

Microban antibacterial protection

kills germs- E-Coli, MRSA, Salmonella etc.

and at a fantastic price 5.99 compare this to similar sealants.

New Revolutionary Filler dries in 15 mins and requires no sanding

Fills in one go no need to build up in layers

interior and exterior use for wood, plaster,brick and stone

various sizes in stock

from 4.99 500mls

Special Offer Brush Set

9 Brush set various sizes plus poly dust sheet

The lot only


8 Piece Decorators Kit

Consists of 4" mini Emulsion Roller and Tray

1 x 4" gloss sleeve,1 x 1" paint brush, pair of gloves

window scraper and sanding block only 3.99 each

Handy Paint Kettle complete with lid

incorporates a clip to rest your paint brush on

ideal when working off a ladder

only 1.99 each

Many more items in and around the store.

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