Hints and Tips

When painting walls, paint edges with a brush first and finish off with a roller.

When you paint windows or doors finish the last stroke of the brush with an upward motion to avoid runs in the paint.

Keep a separate brush for different coloured paints.

Between coats of gloss or undercoat paint place the brush in a plastic bag and seal the end, this stops the bristles getting hard prior to re-using.

General Advice

Special precautions should be taken when stripping old oil based paints such as gloss etc pre 1960ís may contain harmful lead, please contact us for further information.

Do not empty surplus paints down drains or watercourses, contact your local authorities regarding disposal.

Help Tips

Q. A water stain has been left on my ceiling during a leak which has now been cured, can I paint straight over the stain ?

A. The stain will have to be sealed first to stop it "bleeding" through the emulsion, apply an Interior Sealdamp or similar prior to painting , contact us for further help.

Q. I have some softwood to paint, but there are quite a lot of knots in the wood.

A. Firstly seal each knot with a patent knotting solution prior to painting, this will prevent it spoiling your topcoat.

Q. I wish repaint the walls but the existing paint is flaking in some areas what should I do first.

A Remove loose paint with a scraper and rub down with a medium glass-paper, finish off with a smoother grade, take a small amount of emulsion and place into a container slightly thin with about 10% with water, paint this onto the exposed areas, once dry paint the whole wall with the existing paint in the can.

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