Paint Product Information

Top quality emulsion product.

available in vinyl matt or vinyl silk brilliant white

5 litre plus 20% free

Dulux 6 litre 14.99

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Dulux Kitchen paint. Grease and Stain resistant

10 times tougher than ordinary emulsions

2.5 litre Magnolia only 16.99

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New Combicolor superior metal protection

anti rust primer and finish all in one

can be applied direct to rust,low odour,long lasting flexibility

from 7.59 per 250mls tin

New Multi-Surface-Paint

A rich mid sheen finish suitable for walls,ceilings, woodwork and radiators

Hardwearing and moisture resistant suitable for bathrooms and kitchens

Quick drying easy and pleasant to use water clean up

2.5 litre size pure brilliant white only

17.49 now available in 1 litre 11.49

Top quality polyurethane varnish ultra tough for all interior wood

available in matt,satin and high gloss from a 250mls to 2.5 litre

from 5.79 250mls

Dulux Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint pure brilliant white

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waterproof, uv resistant mould and algae resistant 15 year guaranteed protection

Microporous allows the walls to breath whilst preventing rain from penetrating and damaging walls

Flexible paint film covers minor imperfections.

only 22.99 per 7.5 litre

Sandtex Smooth Masonry Paint pure brilliant white

Unbeatable Price Just Compare our price why pay D.I.Y. Store prices ?

waterproof, dirt resistant 15 year guaranteed protection

only 18.99 per 5 litre

Heat Resistant Paint

Can be used inside/outside ideal for barbecues,grates etc

attractive black satin finish various sizes from 7.49 250mls

Traditional interior/exterior woodstain

weather resistant, microporous that allows the wood to breath

various colours in stock from 250 mls 6.19

Crown Solo

One Coat Gloss Pure Brilliant White

Guaranteed one coat gloss has been awarded by Which ?

Compare this to your local diy store look at the price difference

12.49 per 750 mls

14.59 per litre plus 25% extra (1.25 litre)

18.99 per 2.5 litre

Dulux Gloss

2.5 litre liquid,non-drip and undercoat

top quality for that professional touch

Pure Brilliant White


1 litre plus 25% extra 13.99

Pure Brilliant White

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Wipeable Dulux Vinyl Matt

Big 7 litre can

Pure Brilliant White


BUY 2 FOR 28

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Professional 5 Piece

Decorators Pack of Brushes

Flagged tips for a quality finish

Stainless steel ferrule

The Professional Painters Choice

Just 15.99 a box

Dulux Once Gloss

Suitable for Interior and Exterior

Wood or Metal

2.5 litre only 19.99

Many more products being added and lots more in store

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